Professional Auto Detailing

We take pride in selling the cleanest pre-owned automobiles you'll find anywhere. In order to ensure this extremely obsessive standard of quality we had to bring this service 'in-house' and do it ourselves. Almost immediately, potential customers started asking if we would clean the other vehicles they own and we recognized an important market opportunity for our extremely obsessive standard for auto cleaning, and auto detailing is now an important part of Saskatoon Auto Connection. Feel free to investigate our inventory page to see the 'after' photos of the work we do, or enjoy the slideshow below of the before and after photos of a couple of exceptionally soiled trucks we cleaned.

This first set of slides is of a ridiculously soiled truck from the oil rigs that we did for one of our commercial accounts - yuck!​

The next set of pictures is of a truck that went mudding, but we have no idea how they got so much mud inside. Our best guess is that a mud-wrestling competition occurred inside the truck cab, but I guess we will never know. What do YOU think?