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Greetings and welcome to Saskatoon Auto Connection. My name is Dustin Kalthoff and this is my story...

I started Saskatoon Auto Connection back in 2008 as a University of Saskatchewan student with a unique vision: selling pre-owned automobiles the way I would like to buy one.

Like most people, I disliked the way traditional car dealerships did business – finding it very difficult to feel comfortable buying a pre-owned vehicle. I hated the high-pressure sales tactics, the price games that never left me feeling sure I was really getting the best deal, and then there’s the stereotypically dishonest and dishonourable ‘used car salesman’ character – I loathed him.

I imagined a car dealership where the sales staff are screened for the kind of honesty and moral integrity that would challenge commonplace stereotypes about what it means to sell pre-owned automobiles. I imagined a customer experience that was in line with what the customer wants, not what the dealership wants, and this meant the customer needs to be in control of the process and the pace, not the dealer. I imagined that there would be no pressure, no price games, and no gimmicks – just good cars at fair prices.

To be honest with you I was scared that this strategy was so simple and obvious that it would never work – there must be a reason dealerships don’t do it? Well, nearly a decade later... we’ve expanded twice with a large inventory averaging 70 vehicles, we now employ 11 fantastic people, we have over 1000 happy customers, and we have steadily become the best kept secret in the Saskatoon pre-owned vehicle marketplace!

Please visit us at our North-end location, 824B 43rd Street East (behind Staples on Circle Drive), and I promise you that making your purchase at Saskatoon Auto Connection will be a refreshing experience you will want to tell your friends and family about.

Kind regards,

Dustin Kalthoff, B.A.Hons


Selling Cars the Way You Want to Buy One

Since 2008 we have been reinventing the way used automobiles are sold, putting our processes in line with what our customers want, not what we want. We figure that if we sell cars the way you want to buy one, we are far more likely to earn your business. If you are ready for a refreshingly modern perspective on the traditional used car dealership then contact us now.